Two sisters, living 1000 miles apart, reminisced over the years when things were simple and natural. The discussion led to a decision to build a business that would provide an all- natural soap that does not contain the chemicals in everyday bath soap for the grocery store. After much research they formed Just Two Sisters Goat Milk Soap and More. Their search led to family-owned soap makers who provide the highest quality goat milk soap and some vegan soap as well. The soaps are all natural and hand made in small batches. There are many soaps to chose from containing many wonderful essential oils that provide a variety of wonderful scents. There are Lavender Soaps, Almond soaps, Spearmint Soaps, Lilac Soaps, Citrus soaps, Lemongrass Soaps, Coconut Lime Soaps, Cucumber Melon Soaps and many other lightly scented soaps and lotion. Just Two Sisters Goat Milk Soap Company & More has soap for children and men as well as for the ladies. The benefits of using all-natural soaps are many. The soaps are beautiful, long lasting and lavishly moisturizing. Your skin will feel so soft you won`t believe it.

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